Client Information

Due to the current pandemic extra safety precautions are being enforced. In compliance with the current mandates all persons in the tattoo studio must wear a mask for the entire duration of their stay unless granted a medical exemption. The usual tea and snacks are not able to be provided so please prepare accordingly and bring what you might need. If you are experiencing any symptoms or have had an exposure you MUST reschedule your appointment. This will come at no penalty to you. Disregarding this protocol can result in the immediate termination of your project. During this time you may not bring guests to your tattoo appointment.

In order to secure your appointment in Horisora’s schedule you will need to place a non refundable deposit. Once a date is chosen you will receive the deposit information document via e-mail as well as the information on how to get to the studio.


Please do not arrive early to your appointment. This is different than what might be considered polite to most westerners but please understand that the studio is small and does not have a waiting area.
Remember to bring your ID card as a copy must be made for our records.
The studio is cash only and a fabric envelope is provided for payment at the end of your session.
Please do not wear any clothing that you would not want ink to get on, tattooing can be messy. Dress comfortably and in a way that the area to be tattooed is easily accessible.
Eat a good meal and try to drink plenty of water before your appointment. Bringing snacks and beverages is encouraged, especially for longer appointments.
There is a ten minute break included in each hour of tattoo time for you to move your body, eat, and drink.
It is suggested that you abstain from recreational drugs and heavy alcohol consumption the day before your tattoo.


Getting a tattoo is an exciting experience and sometimes people with larger projects want to get as much done as possible each session. While longer sessions are available it is suggested instead to come for shorter sessions more often if you are able. An appointment may be between two and six hours but will be decided on by ones ability to sit for long sessions and the health of your skin.