I only work inside the forms and motifs of the Traditional Japanese Tattoo

I use machine work for lines and Tebori hand work for color and shading.
Tebori is the traditional method of tattooing by hand, that has been practiced for over 400 years in Japan.

All work is done by appointment only
A consultation must be made before making an appointment, exceptions are made only for those traveling long distances.

For small tattoos that can be completed in under three hours, I charge by the design. The price will vary depending on the designs detail and size.
For all other work I charge by the hour.
When booking work in sessions I require a minimum of two hours each session, but you may book up to six hours for a single session.
Each hour will include a 10 min break.
My hourly rate is $120 USD in Albuquerque NM.
When I travel my rates will vary due to the average hourly cost at the shop where I work, or of the city itself. If you have questions about my rates while on guest spots please contact me directly.

Time Estimation
These are minimum estimations, the final time depends on the design, your body size, and skin type.

Nuki - A singular motif without background
Single point Nuki- 2-7 hours
Shoulder/arm Nuki- 22 hours
Back Nuki- 90 hours

Gaku - A motif with surrounding patterns. For example- Rocks, Waves, Water, Wind, Clouds, and Flowers.
Gobu Gaku- Half Seeve- 35 hours
Shichibu Gaku- 7/10ths Sleeve- 50 hours
Tekubi Gaku- Long/Full Sleeve- 65 hours
Senna Gaku- Full back- 180 hours

Munewari- A partial body suit that includes the back, half sleeves, thighs and ribs, with a break of open skin running down the middle of the chest - A long time. It is very diffficult to estimate as it will change a lot based on skin, body, and such.
Donburi- Full body suit excluding only the hands, feet, neck, and face - A long time. It is very difficult to estimate as it will change a lot based on skin, body, and such.

The day of your appointment
You will need to bring your ID card so that we may copy it for our records.
Please do not wear any clothing that is irreplaceable to you, as ink is involved in the tattoo process and it can get on your clothing.
On the day of your appointment please eat a good meal and drink plenty of water previously to being tattooed.
We suggest that you do not drink alcohol or take any recreational drugs one or two days before your appointment.

Advice for those trying to complete large scale work in a short time frame
I understand that getting a tattoo is an exciting experience and that people getting larger work especially are in a bit of a rush in the first session to get as much done as possible. I understand that you want to get a lot of work down at once, however, I find that the best way to accomplish this process is to come in regularly for appointments every two to three weeks. This is the minimum wait between appointments for most people, as your body needs time to heal. However, keeping up this regiment will give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. Exceptions are made for those traveling long distances, but we will be based off of ones ability to sit for long sessions and the care of your skin.